Plek on the move

Plek has native apps for iOS and Android and when more users primarily used Plek on the go we knew we had to introduce more feature parity between the mobile and desktop versions. This resulted in optimizations and newly shipped features. 

Filtering results in the app

Filter and search
Search and filtering results have always been a big focus for Plek. After global search was implemented we introduced the ability to search and filter directly within a feature like groups or documents. Users can filter on taxonomy and quickly find what they are looking for. We also introduced a dropdown from the main navigation where users could quickly navigate to other parts of the section they were in.

Another way of filtering directly from the navigation

New features
Some new features started out on the app and were later applied on desktop. Pinned posts on the home screen solved an issue that content managers had when wanting to highlight important information to users. Birthdays and Tasks are two features that are also important for Plek users who are mostly on the go. Now, they never miss a birthday and can keep track on tasks wherever they go.

New features in app: Tasks, Pinned post on home screen and Birthdays