Hi, I’m David! I love making people’s lives a little bit easier through design

I'm a Senior Product Designer, currently part of the native app team that is responsible for search, navigation and refinement journeys at Farfetch in London. 

Previous experience

I've previously worked for SaaS communication tool Plek, worked with European Design Award and Red Dot Award winning design agency Vruchtvlees, Webby Award winning agency ILUMY and received an Effie Award working on the social awareness campaign 'Behandel me als een dame'.

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In my work I focus on creating clear concepts and solutions that translate into aesthetic, functional and user centered design. I flourish when collaborating with a passionate group of people and I'm experienced in mentoring other designers. I love tackling complex (user) problems and see opportunities others might overlook when building product. I have a passion for information architecture and consider myself a digital accessibility ambassador in the companies I worked for. Besides that I am experienced in contributing to and working with design systems. 

My agency background saw me work closely with clients, facilitating workshops and keeping stakeholders in the loop which has proven to be a valuable skill in product.