Prototyping Schiphol’s future

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is one of Europe’s biggest airports. Distances that passengers need to traverse between check-in, security and departure gate can be really lengthy, averaging around 11 minutes in total walking distance. With added waiting times, taking care of luggage and finding their way around the airport this results in a big dissatisfier and insecurity for passengers. Schiphol asked for a prototype that showed a possible solution for this issue.

Turn Schiphol’s biggest dissatisifier; distance to departure gate, into an enjoyable customer experience in the form of a prototype.

  1. Turn distance to the gate into an enjoyable experience
  2. Disperse crowds in lounges
  3. Relieve passenger anxiety about missing their flight
  4. Drive sales for businesses on the airport

Research & sketches

Touchpoint on the airport

Schiphol Play, an app prototype, introduces passengers to challenges they can do whilst waiting for their flight. With the flight plan data the app can suggest a possible route to the departure gate. Along the way passengers can activate these challenges and earn rewards that can be used on the airport itself. A discount on a cup of coffee or a bottle of water for instance. All the while passengers are nudged into the right direction of their departure gate dispersing the crowds in waiting areas.
The app uses the newly introduced beacon technology on the airport. These beacons can send accurate information about people’s whereabouts. This means the app can calculate distance to the departure gate in real time so the passenger knows when it’s drifting away from their route. Giving an accurate time frame means passengers are less anxious about how much time they have before boarding.

Examples of challenges

Reward after challenge completion